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The Temperature in Your Iguana Home

By John Simmons TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

The third ingredient that must be maintained within your iguana's habitat is humidity.

Along with the light and the heat of the iguana's needs, he also requires a high level of humidity. Humidity is necessary because it keeps the iguana from dehydrating. Unlike other animals, your iguana is not likely to drink all that much. Instead, he will count on the humidity in the air to provide him with the fluids he needs.

Unfortunately, the common habitat for the iguana is almost always too dry. This can cause your iguana to be mildly dehydrated at best. Even if you provide water for your iguana to drink, he probably won't do it.

When you don't provide enough humidity for your animal, you will find that his kidneys end up struggling. Many will suffer from kidney failure. In addition to this, humidity is needed to help your iguana to shed his skin as it loosens.

How high do you need to maintain it? The humidity in your iguana's habitat should be kept at least 65 percent but better if it is at 75 percent. Again, we'll talk more about how to do this in the next chapters.

What you should get from these beginning notes is simple: if you can't provide for these levels of basic care for your iguana, you shouldn't bring him home.

In addition to these features, your habitat must provide so many more things.

You'll need to be able to provide him with things to crawl and climb on. He'll need food sources, too. What's more, you'll want to determine if you'll add a second iguana, or if you will provide him with an outside sunning room.

But, before we get into these things, the next chapter will help you to make the first decision you need to make. That is, should you build or buy your iguana's habitat. In either case, you'll need to know what to look for or build and what qualities your habitat needs to have.

Later, we'll cover the specifics of other care procedures you'll need to follow. What you should know is that the habitat that you construct for your pet is one of the most important elements for caring for him. That's why we've dedicated so much to this.

Without a proper habitat, your pet can not maintain the necessary health.

The habitat that you create for your iguana should be carefully designed and built to provide your pet with a healthy living environment. If you do not provide a high level of attention to this part of the process, you can't provide the proper care for your pet that he or she deserves and needs.

One thing that can't be stressed enough is the need to educate yourself before purchasing your habitat for your iguana. Since this is so important of a decision, you don't want to make costly mistakes. The fact is that most people purchase a habitat only to determine that they should have purchased something else. The best lesson to learn, then, is to keep learning!

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