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Setting Up Your Iguana Habitats

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With everything that you do with your habitat, it is extremely important for you to think about safety. Not only do you need to this about this in the way of your iguana but also with your home. Heating elements can cause extreme problems for potential fires if constructed the wrong way. Or, you may even find that too much humidity in your home can cause mold growth. Another consideration is to monitor where you will position the heating sources and light bulbs. Since iguanas can jump large areas, you don't want them to jump on or at these sources as they can be hurt or even cause a fire.

In any case when you are using electrical wiring, you should consider having a professional help you. Even with the carpentry work that has to be done it can be quite helpful and safe to call on a professional to provide that help to you. Without their help, you have the potential of causing a real problem and harming yourself or your home.

If you construct your habitat of nothing but wood, you won't be able to see your iguana enjoying his home. Being able to see your pet is just as important as him being able to see out.

For most, creating a front wall of Plexiglas is the way to go. Others like to cover part of the front of their habitat with hardware cloth. That will allow for excellent viewing. You can also consider using tempered glass but try to avoid using standard glass. If it falls and breaks, it is going to shatter into millions of pieces, casing harm to you and to your iguana in the process.

Now, iguanas will also need a place to retreat to that isn't so visible to everyone that walks by. For most, the easiest way to do this is to design walking areas or boxes within the habitat that create a partially hidden area.

This is important because it will allow for a bit of a place for your iguana to go and hide but not so much so that you can't find him.

When reality strikes, you'll realize that you have to be able to actually clean your iguana habitat too. This can be tricky, if you didn't think about it when designing your habitat in the first place. For most, it is also important to take your iguana out of the habitat every now and then. These things must be thought about when creating a habitat for your iguana.

So, how do you do that? The best way to create an easy way for you to clean and get in and out of your iguana habitat is to build in a door. A door on the side or even on the front of your habitat is the perfect way to get in and out safely. Even a sliding door will work if there is enough room for it. Remember, with the size of your iguana's habitat, building a door into one side of it shouldn't be that hard to actually do.

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