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The Puerto Vallarta Iguanas

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No idea of where to go for a holiday escapade? Why don't you try Puerto Vallarta? Most people are desiring to enter the haven and paradise world of Puerto Vallarta and you could be one of those aspirants! For one, there is the Banderas Bay. The place is fit for sunbathing, snorkeling, and surfing.

If you love these activities then Puerto Vallarta is the best place to stay! There is no need to worry about the facilities and accommodations because there are inclusive condos and hotels all over the place. In Puerto Vallarta, you will be communing with nature in a relaxing manner. There are colorful butterflies, bountiful tropical flora, egrets, pelicans, scissor tails, geckos, and Puerto Vallarta iguanas! When it comes to the enjoyable activities, Puerto Vallarta is also rich with them. Golf courses and bars abound the area. With all of its captivating sceneries, Puerto Vallarta has not only been once featured in Hollywood movies! In fact, it was in the year 1963 when the place was taken to center stage with the film "Night of the Iguana". You might as well want to take a glimpse of the captivating place of Puerto Vallarta during one of your vacations.

A native Puerto Vallarta travel would be to take the local bus. The trip will not be boring since there are drumming, tooting flutes, "bus-kers", singing, and strumming on board that do the entertainment of the passengers. As you reach your destination, you can settle in at a homey environment as offered by the number of hotels and condos around the area. The Puerto Vallartans are very hospitable in a sense that they will take care of you up to the utmost manner. You can go bar hopping, go to galleries, listen to the music, surf, snorkel, scuba dive, enjoy the lush beauty of nature, walk by the seashore, swim, tour the caves, and see the Puerto Vallarta iguanas.

Because Puerto Vallarta is a place that is close to nature, the Puerto Vallarta iguanas thrive in it. They can be seen thriving close to streams and rivers. They can usually be seen atop the trees basking under the sun, eating fruits, seeds, flowers, and leaves of the bushes, and then diving into the water especially when predators aim at them. The Puerto Vallarta iguanas are fast runners and splendid swimmers. Other habitats of the Puerto Vallarta iguanas are the cacti, burrows, and shrubs. Beforehand, the Puerto Vallarta iguanas can be spotted near the coastlines but since the time that the area has been frequented by travelers and visitors, these reptiles had been forced to retreat into the further sides of the island. They do love to bask under the sun because they need to regulate their body temperatures.

For most of the visitors of Puerto Vallarta, they get inspired to keep the Puerto Vallarta iguanas for domestic pets. When these reptiles sense an oncoming attack, they usually strike its tail, bite, or scratch the enemy as a way of its defense mechanism. Aside from this, they prove to be harmless to humans.

Like other animals, the existence of the Puerto Vallarta iguanas are now also at risk especially with the rate in the destruction of their natural dwellings. The clamor of the Puerto Vallarta iguanas may be taken as the restoration of their habitats so that they can enjoy their existence more.

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