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How to Plan Your Iguana Habitat

By John Simmons TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

Does it sound like there is a lot to plan on when it comes to your iguana habitat? There is, but remember that this is a one time thing. Once you have your iguana habitat built, if you've built one large enough, you won't have to worry about doing it again.

There are other things you'll want to think about too. Design your habitat with other things too.

Basking area: A place where the heat level is higher so that your iguana can come to this location, lay down and relax.

Heating units: We'll discuss this in the next chapters more in detail.

Lighting units: This too will be discussed fuller in later chapters.

Climbing areas: Your iguana will need several ways to climb around in the habitat. Depending on his size, you'll need to provide for this.

Feeding Area: There needs to be an area that can be easy for him to get to. Don't place it on the floor of the habitat. It also shouldn't be right by the heat source as this won't be comfortable for him.

Water area: You'll need two places for water. One needs to be placed at the basking area of your habitat and the other should be placed near the food.

Bath area: Your iguana also needs an area where he can soak in water.

Shaded area: For hiding and for sleeping should be located someplace.

You need to maintain the right control of the heating elements within your iguana's habitat in order to provide for a location for him to move from one hotter area to a cooler one (Within temperature limits provided, of course!)

All of this does seem overwhelming but it really doesn't have to be. Take the time now to sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil and get to work. Draw out the plans for your iguana's habitat. Take into considerations any budget concerns you have. Take the time necessary to map out a plan for success.

We've helped to make it easy by providing you with much of what you need to build a good habitat. Now, make it your own.

You'll want to design with these elements in mind, but remember that it can be anything that you want it to be. Stain the wood to of the habitat to match the wood within the room of your home that the habitat will be located. Or, add decorative plants within the habitat that will add character and beauty to the area. Just make sure that your iguana doesn't munch on them!

There are many different examples of iguana habitats available online. Take some time to look at the various types that have been designed by others. You don't have to use their specific set up but that will give you some ideas of what you could do or how you can accomplish various things that you're after.

Now that you have a good start on the construction of the habitat of the iguana, we'll get started on how to properly care for him. With your design, you'll need to take into consideration the heating, lighting and the humidity needed for your iguana. So, make sure you read through those chapters before starting to build.

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