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One of the most exotic animals that are kept as pet nowadays is the iguana. Many pet shops do offer some iguanas at reasonable rates. Iguanas are now considered as among the extraordinary favorite pets of people of all ages. They see iguanas as cute strange pets, something weird and wonderful and out of the ordinary.

Just like any pet, iguanas need proper care and attention. Now people would think that it's just easy to care for a pet iguana, but it's not. There are some important things you have to consider when housing an iguana. In fact there are several iguana caring tips that you can find in the internet. These tips usually come with iguanas lizards photos to make the discussion more interesting and clear to the readers.

A cage is needed to house the iguana unless you want them to roam freely in your house. The cage must be large enough to house your pet. The size will also vary based on the exact size of the iguana pet but the ideal size is up to 6 feet long. It is also important that there's a sufficient supply of water in the cage, some stuff for the animal to climb on and a hiding place. The cage should be twice the size of the iguana since they are considered to be arboreal, meaning they love to climb.

Iguanas are herbivores. They eat different kinds of green leafy vegetable and fruits as well. Basically, their diet should be composed of tofu at least twice a week, lettuce, broccoli, berries like blackberries and raspberries, and oranges. Fresh food and water is the foremost thing that you have to take into account in taking good care of an iguana lizard. The water and food that should be served to the iguana should be fresh at all times. Unclean water as well as spoiled food can cause some health problems to the iguana that's why it's so important to choose the right food for your pet. It's best to feed your pet lizard early in the morning. This is in view of the fact that food in the morning enables proper digestion.

The cage of your pet iguana should have proper heating. It is of high importance that the iguana should be heated by a light or heat pad. Hot rocks are not necessary for they can lead to the killing or burning of your pet iguana lizard. The ideal heating for the cage is approximately between 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. If the iguana is not heated properly, it may lead to the iguana's food indigestion.

Proper lighting is also of the essence in caring for an iguana. Iguanas when deprived with UV lighting usually become ill with a disease known as MBD or Metabolic Bone Disease. It's important that your pet lizard is allowed to laze around under the sun. The cage should have special fluorescent that are usually purchased in pet shops that sell some pet supplies.

The cleanliness of your friend iguana is also of the essence. Your iguana and its cage should be cleaned regularly. Proper hygiene of your pet should be practiced so as to prevent it from getting sick. Iguanas are identified to be carrying bacteria known as Salmonella. To keep your pet iguana safe from the threats of these bacteria, it's best to keep them clean all the time. About the Author

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