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The Floor Coverings For Iguanas

By John Simmons TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

Now, when it comes to your habitat's flooring, take this consideration closely. You want to have something that is easy to replace or at least to clean. But, you don't want to have anything that your iguana can pick up with his tongue or even worse get wrapped around his toes.

You'll find many materials available in the pet stores but don't waste your time on them. Instead consider other easier to afford materials. Here are some options you have.

Floors of Newspaper, ensure that it does not have any type of toxic ink on it. Paper towels work just fine, too. Plain papers without any type of toxins in them.Indoor/outdoor carpeting.

The carpeting is a great choice but if you purchase it, make sure it has nothing that can get caught on your iguana's toes. You'll want to wrap it around the edges and tape them underneath to keep them from being torn up or getting caught on his tongue.

In addition, whatever you use, keep extra on hand so that you can easily clean up any messes that happen to be made by your iguana.

There are several things you don't want to use in this environment. For example, anything that is made of particles like wood chips or even sand. Don't use these as they'll cause numerous problems for your iguana when he uses his tongue flick to get a taste of what's happening around him.

One probably that you may run into with any of the listed options for floor coverings is that water can pass through these and get onto the wood below. If the wood gets too wet or stays wet for a long period of time, mold growth or warping can happen.

The best way to avoid this is to purchase a piece of vinyl sheeting to place over the bottom of the wood and then you can place whatever materials you've selected over the top. This will help to keep the underneath completely easy to maintain. Just a wipe and its clean. Make sure that it is properly secured to the bottom, with nothing that can injure your iguana.

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