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Building an Iguana Enclosure

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Iguanas prefer a different habitat where they can roam freely. They are more comfortable to stay in a tall, roomy, large and secure enclosure.

The iguana species being cold-blooded or endothermic need to heat their body to a high temperature daily. During the break of day, an iguana put itself into the sunlight to take some warmth in sun's light. So, to be able to provide these needs you can build an enclosure for your iguana. You can do this by refitting or recycling an unused closet. It normally takes a longer time to refit closet properly but it will be helpful if you able to do it perfectly.

To be able to construct a perfect enclosure for iguana take a look at some possibilities for iguana enclosures:

Secured closets can be used for iguana enclosure. The size of the closet should be enough where iguana can linger. A closet with a depth of two feet is slightly narrow but it can be acceptable because of its height. For a young and female iguana, the length of the closet is all right. But for male iguana it would be confined unless it is a complement for an outdoor enclosure and a playing area in another place of the house. Daily interaction with iguana builds a bond of trust with its owner.

If your iguana lives in an open cage that is made of wires and they are under heated, the iguana may have difficulty getting the most favorable optimum level of temperature. Thus, they might feel weak.

That's why providing a closet would be a best option. A simple closet can also be the perfect place for your iguana to have a controlled environment and temperature. However, removing waste and transporting water can be the most difficult task of setting up closet for iguana, since it is rarely close in a sink or in a bathroom. Making the closet safe and clean is the real challenge in using closet enclosure.

Iguana should not have too much space for them to hide and escape the heat. Just make the bottom two feet for space storage. Some iguanas are jerky and tend to find a hiding place usually on the bottom area. And this might bring them to the risk of having hypothermia.

The enclosure must have a round closet bar and a top shelf. Closet bar could be used to hang up the lightning fixture but it will be too low for this. Instead of hanging it to the ceiling, you can move it up 'til the top of the closet and clip lights to it. It's your choice; however always remember that maximizing space is the top priority.

The closet door should also be considered in using closet enclosure. The closet door will help hold the heat but it would also prevent air circulation. You have a choice to put up a screen door in the closet door space. You can inset this screen door on one side and you still have solid door to pull lock for the cold nights. Also if you have a plexi glass or solid front, always give vent to air in the wall above the door.

These are just some possibilities in using closet enclosure. You can add whatever is needed to make your iguana comfortable. Just be creative and keep in mind that your pet would live longer if given a proper enclosure.

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