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How You Can Build an Iguana Habitat

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Now, there are many things you'll need to think about in the design of your habitat. Here's a brief look at some of them. What we suggest is that you do further research on the topic of building your own iguana habitat. You'll want to see examples of the actual habitats you can select from. This is a great way to get some ideas to choose from for your own design.

The first thing that you'll need to consider before you determine what to build is where you'll put it. In many cases, you'll be able to design a habitat that fits well with the location in which you will place it.

If you think you'll ever move or want to move the habitat, you should consider building a habitat that can be easily moved. That's not too hard, because many people build habitats in sections that can then be added onto.

For example, you can start with a large aquarium sized unit and then build on top of it, safely to create a larger habitat as you go.

In any case, find the location within your home that is going to be his new home. Determine what you would like the habitat to look like, too. Determine just how much room you can give up to your iguana. The more the better, but don't let it take over your home, either. At this point, you'll need to determine the size of the iguana habitat you'll be building.

Obviously, the first question you have is what should you make the habitat out of. There are several options available to you in this regard, actually. Here are some possibilities for you to take into consideration.

Glass: Glass is a good choice because it provides for keeping the heat and humidity within the habitat. The problem is that it can break, it's also quite heavy and can cost you a good amount. In most cases, individuals will only use this as part of their actual habitat.

Plywood/Woods: Plywood is good because it is inexpensive and its light weight to move later. But, it doesn't look that great. Other woods such as oak are good choices too, but they are going to cost you more.

Plexiglas: This is another option that's okay. Its light weight and it is affordable. In most cases, it works well for keeping the heat and humidity in the habitat. The problem is that it doesn't provide for ventilation and it will be scratched up easily.

These are only three of your choices. You can also consider hardware cloth or InterNet mesh if you like both with benefits. In most cases, though, you'll want to combine the options that you have. For most, the goal will be to see their pet in his habitat, so you want something that provides a view.

Take into consideration how you will keep the heat and humidity needed in the habitat. It also requires some way to vent it. That's hard to do, but with the combination of these materials, you can accomplish it and do so in a great way!

When planning on the materials to use for your iguana habitat, you'll want to pay attention to the actual needs you have in as far as free roaming goes. Think about these things. First, if you want your pet to have some ability to be free roaming, you'll need to provide for that. Second, even if you do want it to roam, you still need to design an effective set up that will keep it from escaping.

Even if free roaming is okay, you still need to have a way to keep him within the actual habitat in case you need him to be. A removable door is a good option here.

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