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Choosing an Uncommon Pet. Lizard, Pony, Horse. But you Have to Take Care of Them

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When you think to adopt an uncommon pet, first of all you must know that you have to provide custom care for him. There are many uncommon pets you can adopt, like lizards, spiders, horses, ponies, turtles, any type of reptile, exotic birds, and even a wild animal.

For lizards, you must keep them a fresh, clean environment, and a constant source of light is also necessary. Lizards need proper heating environment; is vital to a lizards survival, as it allows for a healthy immune system.

You must not let you lizards walk around, otherwise it can bring damage to furniture, carpet, wiring and anything else. There are custom cages for lizards, you can find them at your local pet store. It is necessary to create a friendly environment for lizards, and you can add some rocks in the cage. Rocks should be boiled for 20 minutes before being put in a cage. The cage must be cleaned periodically to ensure the freshness.

A pony require a custom stable where he can rest overnight and a field to run and play with. This involves wide spaces and you can't adopt a pony in the middle of New York. Oh, yes you can if you want, but the pony won't be that happy. He need fresh grass, and an open view. Taking care of a pony or horse is really hard. It needs special food, in large quantities, like oat. He needs straw to lay on. Like any pet, he must be fed regularly, even you're not playing every day with him.

If you are not able to, you better hire someone to care for your pony.

No matter what type of pet you want to adopt, you must first think if you are able to care of him, if not that pet won't be happy. And there are many examples around the world of improper care of pets and even other domestic animals.

If you like birds, the best choice is to adopt some canaries. They are so beautiful and sing so nice. Good luck!

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