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Information On Vaccinations In Dogs

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Vaccination prevents a dog from catching diseases that can be life threatening. When healthy dog’s immune system is exposed to smaller part of virus by means of an injection, the immune system starts producing antibodies in response to the virus and helps fight off diseases if exposed to these viruses.

Have you just brought a cute and cuddly pup home? Did you get him vaccinated? Vaccination is extremely important for pet health care and ensures dog health stays best when dangerous diseases attack the animal. Let’s take a look at some of the vaccinations that need to be given to your puppy or dog.

First all you must know the pet health care basics about vaccines. The schedules of various vaccinations vary and depend on the type of jab being taken and the latest availability with the vet. Here’s what most veterinarians agree on:

DHLP-P: According to vets, puppies need to be inoculated when they are 7, 19, 13, and 16 weeks old for the following diseases:

1. Distemper
2. Hepatitis
3. Leptospirosis
4. Parainfluenza
5. Parvovirus

The DHLP-P vaccine is a single formulation for all these diseases. The pet owners must also ensure pet health care by getting their pets annual booster shots. In case, dog health has been compromised due to the fact that your mature dog hasn’t got his DHLP-P shit, then two vaccinations must be given at a difference of three weeks. Some vets also insist on a Parvo booster injection when the dog is 20 weeks old, especially since new Parvo virus outbreaks happen from at a regular basis.

Certain dog breeds such as Rottweilers and Dobermans are easily susceptible to Parvovirus and should be given parvo boosters half yearly for the initial two years. Rabies vaccinations, mandatory by law, should be given to young pups between the ages of 4-6 months.

Note: If you have brought home a rescued dog and are unsure if the dog has been given rabies vaccination, then you can give him one shot each year.

Bordetella: This inoculation is a must for good dog health. A part of your pet health care routine demands that you protect your Fido against ailments like Kennel Cough and other respiratory infections, especially if you are sending your dog to a kennel. Internasal bordetella is given to 8-16 week old puppies, while internasal boosters every year are highly recommended.

Coronavirus vaccinations: Not giving this vaccination can cause severe of relapses in puppies due to diarrhea. This vaccine should be given to puppies when they are 7, 10, 13, and 16 weeks old. Boosters must be given on an annual basis. Annual boosters are recommended. In case of adult dogs, pet health care demands he be vaccinated by two shots at a distance of 2-3 weeks.

You must remember that vaccinations in dogs are the most important part of pet health care. Losing your beloved dog to a deadly disease that could have been prevented can be harrowing and tragic that no pet owner would like to experience. So, always pay attention to dog health and prevent diseases from attacking your pooch.

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