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Why do you want to take a dog-grooming course? Didn't you learn how to bathe the family dog when you were a kid? Probably that is not the best way. You will learn allot in a course that will help you keep your pet clean and healthy without risking injury to your dog or yourself.

Learn about different breeds

First of all, a good dog grooming training course will teach you about the different breeds of dogs and the special grooming needs they have. A silky longhaired dog has different requirements that a fuzzy headed terrier and a good course will focus on the breeds of dogs the owners have. You will learn the best maintenance routine and supplies for your dog's breed and temperament.

Learn about dog grooming supplies

In a dog grooming training course you will learn about the supplies you will need to carry out a grooming schedule. You will be instructed about good shampoos and skin care treatments for your pet. You will be told the best types of brushes, combs and dematting devices that will work for your breed of dog. Furthermore, the need for and proper use of devices such as toenail cutters with be provided. A good dog grooming training instructor will outline the best way to look for the parasites that love to get into your dogs hair and how to prevent them or remove them properly to avoid infection. Also in this category are ear mites, which you will learn to be on the lookout for and to treat.

Learn grooming techniques

In a dog grooming training course you will learn technique. Your dog is, at best, somewhat apprehensive about this grooming ritual and may even try to avoid it. Most dogs are easily distracted and have too much energy to hold still for long. You will be shown techniques to calm your dog before starting grooming, and to keep him from bolting out of the area covered with suds. You will be shown how to soothe your dog and introduce him to dog grooming tools like blow-dryers and electric trimmers. He may never get to like the buzz of an electric motor, but you will learn the best way to calm him or her enough so that he will stand still for it.

In short, a good dog-grooming course will provide a roadmap for successful maintenance of your pet and the proper tools to use to do this safely and efficiently. It will also give you the confidence and know how to groom your pet in a loving way. A good dog-grooming course can be a giant step in forming a good relationship with your dog and keeping him healthy.

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