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Dog Training - A Pro Reveals His Best Methods And Tips

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The neonate period refers to the first two weeks of a puppy’s life. During the neonate period, a dog is incapable of learning anything by experience. The neonate period is not the time to train your puppy because its motor skills and senses are still underdeveloped.

You need to be there when your dog is being trained because at the end of the day when training classes are over, you will be left with your dog. Make sure that everyone else who will be handling your dog after it is trained is involved in the training session so that they know exactly how to issue the commands. Your dog needs to learn how to respond to your commands and not the dog trainer’s commands.

Dogs are adept at understanding sign language. Dogs that are particularly trained to guide blind people are trained using audible training modes. The success of each training session with a dog is actually dependent on the dog owner.

Sometimes, keeping your dog on a leash is the best form of dog training. Some dogs are overly excited and tend to hurt people in a fit to excitement unless they are trained. Training your dog through the leash has proved quite effective for many dog owners.

Shouting on your dog won’t do it any good. When you issue out commands in an angry voice, your dog will be hesitant about obeying them because it is unsure about how you will react. To successfully train your dog, don’t nag it to death!

If your dog’s furniture chewing tendencies are driving you up the wall, buy it a chew toy. Some people discourage their dog’s chewing by giving it a bitter tasting or smelly object to munch on. You can spray bitter apple on your furniture to discourage your dog from chomping down on it.

Dog training tools are at hand to make training your dog easier. Dog training tools include clickers, crates, leashes and collars. Each dog has a tool that it responds to more and it’s your duty to find out which.

Don’t forget that a dog is different from us in its communicative modes and needs to be treated patiently for it to understand you. If you are a particularly impatient person, training your dog may turn out to be a total fiasco.

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