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Getting a Mobile Trailer for Dog Grooming

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Tired of packing your big, hairy dog into the car for a ride across town with a panting, barking animal for his weekly groom, only to find your car needs one too afterward? Mobile dog grooming has become a necessity for many of us who don't have time to get the pooch and the car washed in the same day. The demand for this service is ever growing, causing many dog-loving entrepreneurs to consider taking up this business.

When looking to start a mobile dog grooming business, the most important asset will be your mobile trailer. What kind will you start with?

First of all, size does matter. Even if environmental considerations are not primary on your list (and they should be) an overly large trailer is a poor choice. The larger your trailer is the more gas you will consume, thus eating into your profit margin. A large trailer will put more strain your vehicle's suspension and brakes. You may think it looks grand but in reality anything over a 5 foot by 8 foot trailer will be very difficult to maneuver in traffic and hard to see around in your rear view mirror. Remember, you will be spending almost as much time driving as brushing and bathing, so look for a trailer that is easy to tow and inexpensive to maintain.

Price is always and issue and depends upon your individual budget, in the final analysis. Should be able to purchase a trailer with all you need for between 15, and 25,000. It will be your decision to personalize it and make your mobile dog-grooming trailer a good advertisement as well as a rolling pet care salon.

Your other major choice is whether to buy a bare trailer and outfit it yourself or buy one fully equipped. I would personally opt for the other every time for the convenience and time saving aspects. But if you choose the other direction, you will need a good-sized water tank, grooming station and bathing areas, a floor drain, air-conditioning and several sources of natural light. These are not just things to enhance your work environment; they are essentials to performing the work professionally.

The material of choice for your trailer is easy to clean aluminium or stainless steel. After purchasing a trailer with these basics, you may want to choose from many useful add ons. Look thoroughly at the various types of equipment offered and choose those that will come in handy and really make your work go more smoothly. Avoid impulse buying when viewing extra equipment.

A wise "extra" is a special paint job that will make your van a good source of advertising. Decorate your moving billboard in an eye catching manner, with your telephone numbers and website plainly visible. You may include your hours of operation or the breeds of dogs that you like to handle. Do not include price information or too much wording that could get in the way of your important contact information. Of course, you will also want to advertise in conventional ways, such as the yellow pages, on the Internet, in the local newspaper and, occasionally, handouts and flyers posted around the neighbourhood.

Armed with the proper equipment and advertising, you are off to a good start with your new career keeping spaniels shiny and poodles pouffed!

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