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Tropical Fish Diseases: Understanding the Ailments of Tropical Fish

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A partial list of tropical fish diseases:

• Gas Bubble Disease

• If there is a sudden change in the conditions inside your aquarium, your tropical fish may develop Gas Bubble Disease. It is most often caused by changing too much tank water at once or by adding water that is too cold. Gas-filled bubbles will form of the fins and skin of the fish. These blister-looking bubbles are easy to spot and they will make a crackling sound if you run your finger across them. Treatment needs to be expeditious or the bubbles will enter the bloodstream and kill the fish. Treatment consists of dramatic increases of aeration into the aquarium as well as shutting the lights off. You may also consider adding a general antibiotic to the water.

• Bacterial Fin Rot

• Obviously caused by a bacterium, Bacterial Fin Rot is most often a result of a poorly-kept environment. It produces frayed fins that sometimes also have a white perimeter develop. Treat this tropical fish disease with a quality antibiotic from any pet store. Also make sure to enhance the environment to reverse the initial cause.

• Dropsy

• Another bacteria-caused tropical fish ailment, Dropsy causes the fish to bloat and its scales to stand outward from the body. This causes kidney damage in the fish and can be treated with an internal infection medication immediately.

There are several other tropical fish diseases as well to consider. Making sure that your aquarium's water is kept well for the species of fish that you are keeping is the most common oversight that causes these tropical fish ailments.

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