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Setting Up Your First Aquarium

By Jody Siena TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

Available online you will find starter kits, as well as beginner fish. Fish tanks include nitrogen cycles, which is produced by ammonia, nitrates, and nitrates. Fish naturally produce such chemicals, yet the chemicals must be balanced so that the fish will not become ill or die.

Starter kits are available, which supply additives, such as ammonia. Since, fish tanks require a degree of ammonia, the starter kits are ideal for beginners. Starter fish are also available, which can produce adequate supply of ammonia. If you purchased a coldwater tank, goldfish is a great starter fish.

When you first purchase your aquarium and fish, you want to make sure the nitrogen cycles are sufficient to provide fish the correct amount of ammonia. Tanks typically include plants, which plants will aid in purifying your tank by absorbing chemicals and providing oxygen. Plants also break down ammonia and water, which the plants will filter ammonia and bacterial in the water. Since, fish produce nitrates or ammonia, the plants will help you maintain a balance. If you ammonize your tank with starter fish, make sure you avoid overfeeding the fish. Use your test kits to check the level of ammonia in the water. Generally, it takes around five weeks or longer to ammonize your tank properly. You can purchase starter kits, or products that will help speed up the process so that you can add more fish.

Once you purchase your tank and prepare to set up the tank, make sure that you have a stand that will securely hold the tank. You want to avoid situating the stand/aquarium near windows, doors, or heaters. This will only increase algae build up, which will make your maintenance job tougher.

Once you tank is setup you can add gravel after boiling and rinsing. If you purchased pre-washed gravel you will not have to boil the gravel before putting it into the take, still you will need to rinse. Start adding the gravel toward the back of the tank for the best results. In addition, it depends on the filter you purchased as to the height of gravel placed at the front of the tank. For instance, under-gravel filters require that you use lower levels of gravel near the front of the tank. It is recommended that you install the filters and heaters last after setting up your tank properly. On the other hand, if you purchased powered filters, you should install the filters before adding gravel.

After you add your gravel, you can add ornaments and plants. Make sure you purchase marine based plants. At the start, you should only fill your tank halfway, and then completely fill it after you have added your additives. You want to use pre-treated water, to fill the tank halfway. Once the tank is full, put your thermometer in place. Next, prime the filters, which you will have available instructions with your purchase.

If you chose other than goldfish to ammonize the tank, then wait a few weeks before adding fish. On the other hand, if you chose goldfish, you can add the fish to the tank to start the ammonize process. You can prepare the fish for tank water by allowing them to float at the top of the aquarium while still bagged. In addition, you will need lights and a hood to fit over the top of your aquarium. In fact, most aquariums today come with hoods included. The hood is used to keep out critters and keep your fish in the tank. As well, the hood will help regulate the tank lights.

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