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The Killifish and Loach Fish

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Fish are like people in many ways, in that the fish demand oxygen, food, water, cleanliness, tender loving care, associations, and so on. The primary source of fish survival however is water. Freshwater fish are like humans, in that the fish cannot digest large volumes of saltwater, yet some freshwater fish can tolerate a smudge of salt. Saltwater fish on the other hand, demand saltwater. The fish come from oceans, seas, and related waters all over the world. Freshwater fish come from ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, etc. Some of the fish available include the Killifish and Loach fish.

Loach fish come in a wide variety, including the family of Cobitidae. The prime fish are made up of nocturnal and are relate to catfish. The fish primarily live at the bottom of waters, which barbels help them to sift through gravel. The Kuli Loach is one of the Loach fish that has a long snake-like body. The fish is a favorite aquarium choice. Some people describe the Kuli as having a worm shape body. Kuli does not tolerate bright lights, and prefers hiding areas. The fish tends to habitat in the back corners and enjoys cave environments. The fish is shy in nature, unless you keep fish of its kind in the same tank. Kuli enjoys feasting on Tubifex. The fish has a thin, long body, which grows up to 3 inches in size. The fish has a peaceful nature, and lives will in communal tanks.

Loach fish come from the family of Cobitidae, Acanthophthalmus Semicinctus, and the Botia Macracantha group, which you can find these fish in most pet stores. One of the easiest to care for in the Loach category is the Botias. This fish enjoys moderate hard water, or alkalinity based water. It is recommended that you avoid acidity waters. In addition, the water temperature should remain at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and no higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The Botia makes a welcoming communal tank neighbor. Botia also includes the Tiger and Clown Fish. To learn more about these fish check online or consult with your supplier.

Kuli Loach Preferred Water conditions

Kuli enjoys slight acidy waters, or neutral water, and does not have a pH preference. Tank condition: This shy fish does not care for bright lights; therefore, you should give him a home in plant dense aquariums with plenty of areas to hide.


Kuli takes delight in feasting off Tubifex, yet he will eat frozen foods, as well as a selection of dried foods.

Killifish come from the family of Cyprinodontidae. The fish is widely distributed and has the brightest colors of all freshwater and saltwater fishes. This fish is ideal for starters, since it will dwell in communal tanks without a problem. The fish habitat in African Sub-Saharan waters. The streams dry out during particular seasons, which this fish dies. Yet the offspring or spawns live well in dry climates, which resurrects the Killifish.

The fish will live in small tanks, and desire water conditions set at 70 degrees, or 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The fish live longer in 70-degree temperatures. Killifish grows to 2 or 4 inches in size.

Water conditions

Peat filtered waters is ideal, yet the fish will tolerate soft, hard, or slightly acidy waters.


The fish will eat a wide assortment of frozen and dried foodstuff. The downside about the Killifish is that you will rarely find this bred in pet shops. The AKA (American Killifish Association) group can help you find areas where the fish are sold.

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