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All About Freshwater Fish

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On the market, you will find a wide array of freshwater fish, including the tropical and coldwater fish. Saltwater or seawater fish are also available. Many people who write articles related to fish care and aquariums speak of the damsels (Saltwater fish) as being on of the top starter fish, however, what they do not tell you is that 22,000 species of tank fish are available, which some are more suitable for starters than the damsel.

Saltwater fish require a different strategy in maintaining water conditions, as well as feeding. Therefore, we can learn more about the types of fish to decide which fish are more suitable for starters. This article will focus on freshwater fish, since the tropical and coldwater fish are more desirable for starters.

Labeo Bicolor is the Red-tailed Black Shark fish. This fish comes from Thailand and grows 4 ½ inches in size. The fish is popular for its appearance, which includes a torpedo shaped figure. The fish augments its silvery colors with flag-like dorsal, like that of a shark. These velvety black fish have reddish toned tail, which makes it one of the better specimens. The fish also has a trait that indicates he is not suitable for tank water. For example, the caudal fins are yellow and orange. However, the fish has a friendly nature, which makes him suitable for communal aquariums.

Labeo Bicolor has a mouth similar to a sucker, which makes this fish suitable to maintain purity of tank glass and plants. Labeo Bicolor tend to function well in communal waters, yet he is a bully to the lesser family affiliates. Labeo is a forager. That is this breed will feed off algae, as well as any choice of foodstuff. The upside about the Labeo is that he will help keep your aquarium clean, as well as the fish does not place a high demand on water conditions.

Still, if you are choosing this breed, it is wise to select other fish that will adapt to the same living arrangements. It depends on the fish, however some will adapt to soft acidy waters, while others will adapt to hard alkalinity waters. This fish will propagate, yet very little instructions are available, therefore read all details at the pet shop before purchasing this fish for breeding purposes.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows or Tanichthys Albonubes originated in White Cloud Mountain Rivers, China, and Canton. The fish grow 1 ¼ inches in size, and have olive/brown bodies, which brilliant gold top and bottom stripes. The stripes extend to the roots and snout of the caudal or tail peduncle. The White Cloud fish will feast on all foodstuff and have a peaceful nature, making this fish one of the better communal tank species.

The fish prefers reasonably hard or neutral water conditions. The temperature should be set at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, not to succeed a temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit: Many fish prefer temperatures at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can see, the White Cloud Mountain Minnows are more along the Coldwater (Freshwater fish) lines. The females are slightly plumper than its male counterpart is.

How to breed the White Cloud?

White Cloud fish breed in the same fashion as that of the Brachydanio. To breed Brachydanio, including the Rerio, it is suggested that you supply one half-inch in diameters of pebbles, which equals out to 1 inch coating of pebbles at the lower surface of the aquarium. The depth of water should not go beyond three inches. Furthermore, the fish prefer to breed in longer aquariums.

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