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How to Care for Goldfish

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Most of the accidents in aquarium fish tragedies occur from the ignorance on the owner’s part to provide proper fish care. If you plan to have fish at your home, it is important that you learn the types of fish and how to, care for them. You will also need patients. Goldfish is a commonly sold fish, which require proper care and attention. If you have any doubts while caring for your goldfish or other fish call a local pet store and ask for help. Books are available at your local library, which the books will help you to care for your fish.

Goldfish habitat in aquariums, which it is important to maintain the tank, as well as providing sufficient room for your fish to swim: while you may have seen television programs where goldfish were kept in small containers or bowls, this is a bad idea. Goldfish need room to breathe. Goldfish demand oxygen just like any other living creature, which goldfish oxygen comes from the surface of an aquarium. Make sure that the aquarium offers sufficient space. The space is calculated by length, inches of fish, and depth of the tank. Per inch of goldfish, it is recommended that you have at least 30 square inches of surface space. Goldfish grow in size; therefore add a few extra squares to make sure the fish will have sufficient oxygen.

If you haven’t purchased goldfish or an aquarium yet, ask the service reps at your pet store what type of tank would best benefit goldfish. You must know how many fish you intend to house in the tank. In addition, there is a variety of goldfish on the market, therefore having a basic ideal or what type of fish you want can help the service rep provide you aquarium information. If you haven’t purchased an aquarium or goldfish and you have an idea what you want, it is recommended that you research. Fish are living creatures, which is an owner’s responsibility to preserve his life. Research can help you become knowledgeable as to what you will need to do, as well as what you will need in maintenance of aquarium and goldfish. If you plan to have plants or other types of fish in your aquarium you want to make sure, you have a basic knowledge of each plant and fish as well.

Fish demand high-quality water with the exception of a few. Tap water is OK to use, however tap water tends to build up pollutants. If you want to make sure, tap water is ok to use by asking your local pet store for advice. Pet shops have an all-around ideal whether tap water in the local area is suitable to maintain fish. It is recommended when using tap water to refresh fish water that you run the tap water at least five minutes before using the water to fill the tank. Running the water by minutes will remove, or dissipate chemicals from the water. You can also let the water set overnight after running it for five minutes to remove additional chemicals.

Water has chlorine, copper, metals, etc, which are all contaminating. Letting the water set overnight will minimize chlorine build up, as well as allow the water’s temperature to match with the room temperature.

To maintain room temperature you can also use dehumidifiers, or humidifiers, keeping the equipment near the tank. At all times you must keep goldfish water pure and clear of chemicals. Filters, vacuums, gravel, floss, etc, are all available to help you maintain pure fish water. Since ammonia builds up in aquariums you want to make sure, you understand filtrations as well. Your main targets are chemical, biological, and mechanical filters.

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