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Making Your Exotic Pet Happy

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There are many exotic pets that can be raised at home. Given the many possibilities, Michael decided to get something that didn't require that much maintenance. After examining what was available in the pet store, the decision came down to a toad named Ernie.

Ernie is known as an Oriental Fire Bellied Toad. The name is derived from its physical features, which can only be found in certain parts of Southeast Asia.

What is the key to make exotic animals like this toad happy? In simple words, tender loving care. Since this is easier said and done, here are some pointers;

1. The first will be to find an appropriate home for the pet. Since toads love the water, getting an aquarium will be best. This is because this is the most ideal environment resembling the swamp.

Water should only be filled between two to four inches from the bottom of the tank so that rocks can also be placed for the toad to get some warmth from artificial light or the sun. The water should be dechlorinated for at least a day before putting the toad in. This is because the acidity could affect the health of the pet less than a day after it is brought home from the store.

2. The aquarium will get dirty after a few days. Part of the responsibility of owning a pet is cleaning up the mess. The owner can install a filter to suck dirt but changing the water is still the best way to make sure it is safe for the toad.

3. Toads love to eat worms, insects or small fishes. The owner can get these from the pet store and offer them on a regular basis dyed with multivitamins to make it always feel healthy and strong.

Toads don't have to be fed daily. This should be done only two to three times a week since giving too much can make the pet overweight.

Exotic animals need a lot of attention just like having a dog or a cat. It will be a good idea to read up and do some research first instead of doing it through trial and error.

The average life span of this kind a toad is between 10 to 15 years. This just goes to show that with proper care, Michael can make Ernie happy and in return they will spend a long time together.

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