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Some Legal Problems with Exotic Pets

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Laws not only apply to human beings, there are also laws binding to animals. We have the animal welfare law as represented by PAWS and PETA. There's also the law regarding exotic pets.

However, there is a variety from city-to-city. A law in one city may not apply to another state. If you own an exotic pet, check first with your nearest locality about the restrictions in owning them.

There are restrictions in exotic pet laws because the animal must be protected even more when they are separated from their natural habitat. Also, there is a possibility that the owner who adopts the exotic creature may not be able to provide the right home, diet and care to the owner.

Another reason is that since these animals can be sold to the state's zoo - capturing and smuggling of exotic creatures are rampant in an area where there is an exotic creature. It's also better to think of your neighbors. There's no knowing what could happen if you have a wild animal in your backyard. What if it escapes? If it does, it could create great alarm to the public.

For example, look at these previous studies: - In Arizona, there is a dealer who was able to sell tigers from a minimum $900 to a maximum $7000. The price depends on the color of the tiger, as well as the gender. A young chimp has the going rate of $50,000.

- The most frequently kept wild creature in the US is the tiger. About 10% of 5,000 to 7,000 tigers are kepts in tiger sanctuaries and zoos. Some of them live in traveling shows with the troupe, circuses and big cat rescues for entertainment. Some people even tame them and make them their pets so they stay in their owners' backyard.

- Tigers actually kill people and nine people have died in the last nine years. Every year, studies show that almost a 100,000 people are in danger of contacting the salmonella infection which comes from reptiles. The US Food and Drug Administration didn't allow the sales and import of turtles smaller than 4 inches.

Studies also show that the businesses of wild and exotic animals that are eventually tamed are estimated to be worth $15 billion each year. Wild animal trade is worth billions of dollars. One fourth of wild animal trade is illegal. This is the poaching of elephants and tigers. It's disturbing to find out that the second moneymaker on the black market, a close second after trading drugs and weapons, is the illegal trade of exotic animals.

That is why the legislatures not only considers safety of human beings, they also find the time to create laws to protect exotic animals. As mentioned earlier, animals, be it the tamed or the wild, deserve to have rights, just like us humans.

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