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An Exotic Pet Cat

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Have you ever considered living with an exotic cat? If you have, you aren't alone. Many people love to take care of exotic animals like cougars.

Cougars are friendlier animals among other exotic feline species. They are affectionate and obedient to their masters. They are perfect for people who love big cats since they are easier to tame and have them live in your home.

However, before getting a cougar as your pet, you need to consider many factors. Taking care of a cougar is expensive. It would cost you thousands of dollars to support their needs. You will also need to pay for the papers and ownership rights before you can own a cougar.

Cougars are very active animals. You need a wide space to accommodate the cougar because cougars love to play and run around. You have to prepare your exotic pet a spacious cage that is made of solid steel. Make sure that it is properly secured and the enclosures should have parameter fences. Here are care tips you can consider before getting a cougar.

1. Cougars are outdoor animals. Set up a steel cage where it can freely run and do its cat things conveniently. However, if you want to make a special bond with your cougar, it is best to raise him indoors. In this way, you can create a closer connection between you and your pet.

2. You have to feed cougars properly. Make sure that it takes 2 to 3 pounds of meat daily. It may sound heavy on the pocket that is why you have to be financially secure if you want to own a cougar. They can consume large amounts of meat to get their stomachs full.

3. Schedule a monthly check up with veterinarians who specialize in cougars. Seek proper health maintenance advice for your cougar.

4. You should always make your cougar's cage clean. Prepare a secondary cage outdoors if you need to clean the primary cage. An outdoor cage for your cougar can also serve as your cougar's recreational place where you can play with your pet.

If you choose to own a cougar as your pet, make sure that you would be responsible. Take time to care of your pets and treat them like human beings. You will discover that you will not only have an amazing pet but you will also realize that it has improved your sense of responsibility.

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