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What to Do if Your Dog Collapses

By Thierry Babineaux TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

Dog collapse can be a serious condition, more so if the dog falls down without any apparent reason and you must take your dog for a veterinary investigation to find out the reason for collapse.

As a dog owner, I am really wrought with pain each time I see my pet health get affected either due to a tiny scratch or maybe something bigger. I always, have to, remind myself to stay calm and maintain my cool. Similarly, if your dog collapses for no apparent reason, try to stay calm and collected. I know it’s a difficult thing to do, but only if you keep your presence of mind will you be of any use to the dog.

Upon the collapse of your dog, you must ensure your pet health is taken care of. Keep him comfortable and cover him with a blanket if required to help him stay warm. Also, dim the lights, and keep the environment as quiet as possible. Ensure there is some fresh and clean water kept near the dog so that he can drink once he is able to get up. If your dog get’s up and starts to drink the water, you can be assured that the worst is over. However, you must take your dog to the vet who will ask some dog health questions to investigate the reason for collapse further.

While there can be several reasons for dog collapse, to ensure proper pet health, you must recount all the details of the pre and post collapse situations with accuracy to the veterinarian.

Nature and Probable Causes of Dog Collapse

When you take the canine to the pet health care expert, s/he will ask you related dog health questions to ascertain the nature and probable causes of your dog collapse. Medically, collapse is defined as a sudden loss of strength that makes the dog fall and become unable to stand up on its feet again. A dog collapse can either be a hind limb collapse (in sitting position) or a complete collapse (in lying position). When a dog collapses suddenly, he can even become unconscious. This pet health condition is known as fainting or syncope. While some canines recover rather quickly (with a few seconds or minutes), some others may stay in a state of collapse till the time they are helped.

Dog collapse can be caused by any one of the below disorders:

1. Nervous system (brain, nerves, and spinal cord)

2. Musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, and joints)

3. Circulation system (heart, vessels, and blood)

4. Respiratory system (mouth, throat, lungs, and nose)

The pet health gets affected severely by an acute collapse and leads to weakness in the front or rear limbs. While in most dog collapse cases, the canine tends to retain consciousness, he may develop a ‘glassy-eyed’ appearance or an expression of confusion followed by anxiety and lack of ability to respond.

In order to ensure safety of pet health, you must call for a veterinarian immediately as some of the collapses can be dangerous to your pet’s life.

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