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How to Stop Your Mixed Breed Dog Whining Problems

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Most dogs grow out of whining in the early age around the six-month age. If your dog is still whining after this period, it means your dog is either doing it unintentionally, or he has learned a method to get him something that your dog needs.

There are a variety of reasons as to why your adult mixed-breed dog might be whining:

Suffering pain - physical or emotional pain.

Bored or feeling lonely.

Needs to go outside.

Feeling afraid or anxious.

Your response to her whining really depends on the cause of it. Sometimes whining is acceptable, and does require a response - and sometimes, it is merely manipulative. Other times it may be tolerable, but the response that comes most naturally will not necessarily help your dog. Therefore, your dog keeps on whining during late night and it causes disturbance to your neighbors.

It is important to know that which particular whining means pain. Stomach discomfort and arthritis are normally making your dog call out for help. If whining still persists within long period of time, it is time to seek consultation from your veterinarian.

Some breeds are quite playful and demand for more accompany. This particular type of breed like Terriers, Pointers and Beagle requires more attention from its owners. These dogs need to be trained to play alone when you are not around.

Other than that, some breeds are very fragile in terms of getting anxious easily. These particular breeds are afraid of thunderstorm, heavy wind blow and rattling window panes. You need to intensively encourage him to overcome his fears and do not punish him for being afraid.

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