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How To Select The Right Dog Harness

By Thierry Babineaux TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

A dog harness is not just used due to safety concerns, but also because of medical or behavior concerns. For dogs with thick necks, a dog harness is an essential as risk of getting hurt is paramount.

Just like dog carriers, also known as pet taxis, dog harness is a valuable item that safeguards the health of loyal friend, while ensure his/her safety and comfort. Quite like the old saying, "when you know better, you do better," it’s important to know how to treat your pet well. Nowadays, more and more veterinarians recommend dog harness as opposed to dog collar. Not only is dog harness more gentle with the neck and back of your dog, it actually has multiple benefits.

Harnesses come in a multitude of styles, there is one for every dog and dog-behavior issue; whether your dog is an escape artist, a puller, a bunny-chaser, or has medical issues. Not every harness is good for every dog, but there is an appropriate style for every dog.

Reasons to Use Dog Harness There are various reasons for using dog harness. As with dog carriers, dog harness is designed to ensure that your precious pooch is safe, comfortable, and protected. But some of the other important reasons for using dog harness include:

  1. Safety concerns
  2. Medical conditions
  3. Behavior issues
  4. Preventing trachea collapse in small sized dogs
  5. Preventing respiratory diseases
  6. Exerting more control over a larger and more powerful dog
  7. Protecting thick necked dogs from being pulled out from their collars

Irrespective of your reasons for using a dog harness, finding the best harness style can be a cakewalk, especially if you read this article completely!

Basic Features To Look For In A Dog Harness

  1. Materials
  2. Type of dog harness such as training, H-harness, Step-in, Car Seatbelt adjustable etc
  3. Width of harness straps
  4. Size of the dog harness
  5. Adjustability and Flexibility for comfort
  6. Safety
  7. Strength
  8. Comfort
  9. Buckles and
  10. Easy of use

Necessary Features To Look For In A Dog Harness The dog harness you purchase must be:

  1. Convenient and simple to use
  2. Washable in the washing machine
  3. Made of strong materials
  4. Equipped with secure buckles
  5. Safe for the dog and the owner
  6. Long lasting
  7. Customizable
  8. Fashionable/Appealing
  9. Able to perform as expected
  10. Come with a guarantee

What To Avoid In A Dog Harness

  1. Never buy a dog harness made of leather as it will be uncomfortable and bulky to use. Leather harness will also require maintenance and may get spoilt easily.
  2. Never buy a dog harness that can’t be adjusted according to the dog’s body specifications.

What Is The Ideal Dog Harness The best dog harness, just like various dog carriers, should be flexible and easy to adjust. The harness should fit well and have secure buckles. There are many choices in dog harness and you can choose from training harness to H-harness to step-in dog harness. However, these factors are based on the size, body types and temperament of your pooch.

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