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Puppy Potty - Training Tips for the New Puppy Owner

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Potty training can be frustrating and challenging. Many new dog owners simply give up because they get such a shock when they see their adorable pets eliminating all over the place, and during the oddest hour! So first of all, know that there is work involved in potty training, especially if it involves a young pup.

A small little puppy is can look very cute, but it is like newborn baby, about to see the world for the first time. And like a baby, it doesn't really know how to behave, except to follow its own instincts. Ultimately, what it learns depends very much on its own experiences. As the owner, you provide much of those experiences. In fact, if you put in enough effort, you can train your pet to behave exactly the way you want it to. But be prepared to put in the time and effort though.

If you are still in the process of pondering over which dog to buy, I'm glad you found this article first. Know that not all dogs make perfect family pets! How trainable your dog is depends on its personality. Breed has something to do with it. But even for dogs of the same breed, temperaments can differ. You want to check with the dog breeder before buying the pet and bringing it home. If possible, spend some time with the dog and observe its personality. You want a dog with a temperament that is gentle enough for you to train.

But if you have already bought the dog, you need to work with your pet, regardless of the temperament. Most dog breeders will agree to take back the dog if it proves to be too much of a challenge. This is rare, but it happens. New pet owners do sometimes find it too stressful to handle a pup.

This is understandable because training a young animal requires discipline, patience, and to a certain extent, knowledge. You need to know the proper techniques to train your pet. For instance, to train the pup to observe a certain eliminating schedule, you can use the crate training method. To train the pup to eliminate in a particular spot (e.g. outdoors), you can use the paper training method. Each method will help you achieve a different goal. When you are new, it may sound a little confusing. Don't worry. Just go ahead with the training and improvise as you progress.

As you train your dog, you are also getting to know more about your dog. You will have a better feel of the puppy's biological clock - i.e. when it needs to sleep, drink and eat, or eliminate. To a certain extent, you can control this cycle when you acquire that knowledge. After that, training will progress more smoothly.

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