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NFL Dog Collars Are Only the Beginning

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Just when you thought you were living on the edge by putting an NFL dog jersey on your pooch, along comes the neighbor's yorky, decked head to tail in a cheerleading uniform--pom poms and all. Something about the fact that your neighbor's yorky was "cheering" for the same team your husky is "playing" on, may have turned you off a little, but not to worry.

It seems that everyone these days is somehow dressing or otherwise adorning their canine friends in human-like apparel that reflects the interest and proclivities of the owner. And there's really nothing wrong with that, as long as your pet is comfortable--and by that I mean both physically and emotionally. Yes, dogs have feelings too.

Have you ever noticed your dog moping about and appearing depressed for extended periods of time? If so, you might want to ask yourself a few questions. Is he getting enough food and water? Are you feeding him food that is not only wholesome and vitamin-rich but also delicious? Are you allowing him a venue in which he can relieve his bladder and bowels? Does he have plenty of space to run around and play?

Are you equipping him with plenty of NFL dog collars? Are you playing with him and giving him plenty of love and attention? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then ask yourself one more: are you dressing your dog in poorly executed representations of typical human Halloween costumes? Now if you answered yes to this final question, I think we've found your problem, so you can put away the doggy prozac.

Whether you dress your dog in simple, comfortable NFL dog jerseys or elaborate Shakespearean costumes or some such, just make sure that they seem happy that they are indeed dressed in such a manner.

First and foremost, check to make sure they are physically comfortable--in other words, can they can move their head, tail, and all of their limbs without incident?

Secondly, make sure the outfit, NFL dog jersey or whatever it may be, is loose fitting and slides on and off relatively easily.

Third, check to make sure the outfit is made of a natural material like cotton, and isn't itchy on the dog's skin. Many breeds are prone to skin allergies and other sensitivities, so keep this in mind when purchasing them clothes. Last but certainly not least, if your dog appears to be at all downtrodden, take the clothes off, and see if that doesn't make a world of difference.

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