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How to keep your dog happy using dog names and dog treats

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A dog name is as important as the name of a human being. A dog name is not something to be thought of lightly, because that is the name by which the dog will be known throughout its life. Read on to know more about dog names.

Any name is an important one, and it is necessary that proper thought and consideration goes into naming. Here are some tips and suggestions to go through before you name your dog:

Names, Not Embarrassments: Yes, that weird name may sound good to you, but it does not mean that it is a logical name. Make sure that you give your dog a name that does not embarrass you or even it. If you think that dogs cannot be embarrassed, look into the eyes of some weirdly named mutt the next time someone calls it by its name. This suggestion is more complex than it sounds, for example, you will even have to steer clear of names that sound or rhyme with some embarrassing sound or word.

Logical Names: The names should suit the mutt. That means, you cannot name a small dog as Chewbacca, and cannot name a large dog as Piddles or something. I have a friend named Shorty, who I think got so incensed being nicknamed that, today he stands more than six feet and weighs a healthy hundred pounds or so.

Different Names: This one is a very important one. If you are habituated to taking your dog to the park or any other outside place, you will be surprised how many dogs respond to your shouts of 'Rusty', or 'Bruno' or any other generic, cookie cutter dog name. Therefore, ensure that though the name should not be completely weird, it should not be generic and common sounding.

Some interesting dog names would be:

• Ipod (any electrical gadget actually): Helpful, check, cute, check, you cannot live without it, check. Why not?

• Google: Well, dogs are known to be the best searchers in the world, and as a search engine,Google still 'fetches' results. So, why not we take the chance to marry the best search engine online to the best searcher in the real world?

• Undertaker/Rey Mysterio: If you have a big hulk of a dog, you can name it the Undertaker from the WWE. If you have a small dynamo, you can think about naming him after the wrestler Rey Mysterio. In fact, you can name your dog after anything that you like in your real life.

Naming a dog is actually an exercise of your own creativity. There will, of course, be a lot many suggestions from your family and friends about the dog's name, but it is you who has to finally give your pet name. Make sure that you carry out the proper research before naming your dog. The Internet is the home to a lot of creative, different and interesting dog names. A proper dog name, and that name would be one of the best dog treats for your dog!

Rewarding your dog with dog treats every time he/she does as told can have long-lasting and beneficial effect on the animal. An important aspect of dog training is to reward the dog with gourmet dog treats every time he obeys your orders. Many dog trainers also dispense with dog treats while teaching dogs how to respond to dog names, dog commands (such as sit, stay, fetch, heel, lie down) and similar things. This can help with learning your dog there name

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