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House Training a Puppy - Training Puppies

By Andrei C TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

There are probably millions of opinions on how to house train a puppy. But, there are some basics that will really help you out. It is so exciting bringing home a new puppy until you have to deal with a mess on your floors or carpets. Getting on that right away will pay dividends in the future. A couple of things you want to do are, first make sure to develop a system that the dog can understand and get used to. And very importantly, get a crate for your new puppy.

Most experts on how to house train a puppy will say you should start with a crate as it makes the dog feel safe and also makes them aware of how unpleasant it is to have to live amongst their own waste. The collective wisdom says to get a crate that relates to the size of the dog. The crate quickly becomes the dog's safe area where he or she will spend most of their off time. In fact, the crate will become their home and oftentimes the dog will go into the crate even when you don’t require it to. Once the dog becomes acquainted with his or her crate they will not want to defile it.

Now comes the next part of how to house train a puppy in the least painful manner. You want to take some time to understand your dog’s distress signals when they have to go out. Your puppy doesn’t want to go to the bathroom in their own space and will let you know through sounds or actions when they need to go out. That is why it is important to have the crate in an area that is populated with you and your family, like a living room. Your dog will learn that when you respond to their urgings that going out is only moments away.

How to house train a puppy is all about trust and replication. When your dog learns that you will respond to their pleadings by bringing them outside to do their business they will inherently keep from having accidents in the home. Repeating the same routine over and over will put your dog naturally on a routine. Continuing this routine is the key to a happy dog and a clean house. The best part about doggy potty training is you will only have to do it one time.

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