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Information On Exersise For Different Dog Breeds

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Dogs come in variety of shapes and sizes and then there are the breeds. It is important to consider the dog breeds because a lot depends on that. Everything from the type of food they take, amount of food, diseases, behavior, grooming and much more varies from one breed to another.

If we were to take a look at a German Shepherd dog breeds or a Pomeranian dog breeds for that matter then you will see that they require a lot of grooming (brushing, cutting, etc) due to long hair but due to the size difference the German Shepherd will eat more than the Pomeranian. Now if we take a Dalmatian and a Doberman, we see that both are large dogs but the exercise requirements for Doberman are much more than a Dalmatian. Hence, the different dog breeds are a major determinant in exercise requirements.

In fact each of the dog breed profile is different from the other in spite of the fact that all dogs came from Wolves. Such a huge disparity of colour, shape, size, is not visible in any other type of animal and definitely is not in the wolves. The exercise requirements mostly depend on the dog breed profile. There are some dogs like a pooch dog or a Pomeranian dog that active indoors and hence don’t require too much of outdoor activity. On the other hand dogs like the Labrador retriever dog, the Golden retriever dog, the shepherd dogs belong to a different dog breed profile that can be classified muscular dogs and hence need anything from moderate to heavy outdoor activities.

Some of the dog breeds like the Labrador dog and German Shepherd dog are more intelligent than others and hence, require a lot of mental stimulation apart from the physical exercise they need. Both these dog breeds are deployed in bombing squads or anti-narcotics due to their intuitiveness and sense of smell. There is a certain misconception that many people have regarding the larger dog breeds. There are many who think that if they have a big backyard in their home then that is sufficient enough for them to exercise and play but the truth is that big dogs and especially guard dogs or sniffer dogs need more than a big backyard. They need proper behavioral training and miles and miles of outdoor space like a park for exercise and fun activities.

It is always crucial to see the dog breed profile first and then pick up a dog that you have chosen. If you are living in an apartment and are working eight o clock in the morning till eight o clock at night time then according to the dog breed profile what you really need is a pooch or a smaller dog that doesn’t need too much of exercise and likes being around the house. But if you are living in a ranch and can take your dog out for regular walks or runs then according to the dog breed profile you can choose a bigger dog.

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