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Put an End to the Annoying Barking of Your Dog with the Electronic Dog Training Collar

By Thierry Babineaux TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

As much as you love your dog, you have to admit that sometimes its incessant barking is annoying, particularly when you need a good night’s sleep. If you had a busy day at the office, all you want is to get some sleep, but your beloved pet can’t understand this and seems to bark continuously, without any obvious reason. Does the situation sound familiar? Then you have a hyper excited dog that is not able anymore to concentrate on other activities except barking. Some dogs get the stressful habit of barking at the slightest external stimulus. This is irritating not only for you, the dog’s master, but also for the dog itself and, of course, for your neighbours, who can’t be expected to have much sympathy for your noisy pet. As if the fact that you can’t get to sleep as much as you want is not enough, you keep receiving complaints from the neighbours and perhaps even animal control officers. Clearly the situation cannot carry on. You need to do something about your dog’s problem.

If you are a patient person and you have the time, you can try to train the dog yourself. However, if you don’t have much experience in dog training and you don’t have very much free time, we suggest you a reliable and very efficient solution, the electronic dog training collar. You don’t have to spend long hours trying to make your dog understand what you want it (not) to do. The electronic dog collar will do the work for you and you will only notice the results, which won’t take long to appear. How do dog training collars work? The concept is very simple: when the dog misbehaves, for example when it barks for a long time, the training dog collars remind it that it’s doing something wrong, by releasing an unpleasant smell (such as citrus extract), a low-pitched sound that humans can’t hear, but the dog finds annoying (ultrasonic models), a mild shock (electronic collars) or a cold spray. Once the dog stopped doing the wrong thing, the collars correction will also stop.

It won’t take more than a few days for your dog to realize that there is a connection between the electronic dog training collars corrections and its behaviour. After all, you have a smart dog, don’t you? Once the dog has realized what it must do, you can put your mind at ease. You will no longer have to cope with the irritating midnight barking. The dog training collars will detect the dog’s barking through a microphone or activate upon the vibrations caused by the dog’s vocal cords. Some dog training collars work on distances up to 50 feet and use high-pitched noises for correction, so you can quiet your neighbors’ noisy dog as well.

Dog training collars are designed to train your dog fast, painlessly and efficiently and turn into the perfect animal companion. You must not worry about the electronic dog training collar having any side effects on your beloved pet. The dog will not be traumatized or hurt under any circumstances. The collar will only release a cold spray on the dog’s neck when its barking becomes excessive. The surprise will probably stop it from barking and then you, his master, will remind him what he is supposed to do. The collar will only react to unwanted barking. If you let your dog guard the house and therefore you allow him to bark into warn about strangers approaching, all you have to do is remove the electronic dog training collar.

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Are you familiar with the following joke: "Why does the dog bark"? Because he can’t talk! Leaving the jest aside, your dog’s excessive barking can become irritating and can be a real source of stress in the relationships with your neighbours. A dog training collar will automatically and painlessly remind the dog which barks excessively that it is not ok to behave like that. You must know that dog training collars do not hurt the dog in any way. It’s up to you to put an end to the sleepless nights and have both you and your dog peacefully rest.

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