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Dogs Love Mammoth Dog Beds of Their Own

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Dogs are territorial by nature and they love having beds of their own. Beds are a place of comfort and security where your dog can feel that he is in charge. Even if your dog sleeps at night in a crate or in your bed, he or she needs a bed in the room where you spend most of your waking hours.

It's a good idea for the people in the household, too. Few people have enough furniture in their family rooms or living rooms to dedicate a position on the sofa to the dog, especially a big dog. Even if one did, there would be the whole question of how to keep the dog's personal sofa clean. It's much easier to have a dog bed that can be kept clean in the washing machine. When you choose a bed for your dog, get one that has good support and that's the right size. Mammoth Dog Beds has beds for every size of dog and different shapes, materials and support systems.

Mammoth has been researching dog sleeping patterns and designing dog beds for over ten years. Mammoth Dog Beds are sized according to the weight of the dogs: small and medium dogs up to 50 lbs; large dogs of 51 to 100 lbs; extra large dogs of 101 to 200 lbs; and big dogs of over 200 lbs.

You can get a round or oblong bed, a donut bed or a dog couch. The circular and donut dog beds are great for dogs who like to curl up and sleep. The donut bed has a bolster around the inner pillow to give back support. The oblong bed is perfect for a dog who likes to sleep stretched out. The dog couch combines the comfort of the oblong bed with side and back bolsters. Mammoth also makes mats for a great variety of crate sizes.

All of the Mammoth Dog Beds provide orthopedic support to your dog's spine, hips and the rest of his skeletal system, which is particularly important for bigger dogs. There are several pillow options. The fiber-fill pillow is made of 100 percent virgin materials that are high-memory and bounces back into shape even with the biggest dogs. The polypropylene liners allow the pillow to fully decontaminate during the wash cycle. The greatest orthopedic support is given by the high-density and high-memory foam pillows. The foam can withstand a weight of 250 lbs.

The Mammoth Dog Beds have velcro openings so that covers can be easily taken off and thrown in the washer. There is an incredible variety of fabrics on the Mammoth pillows. The denim and canvas fabrics come in 30 colors. There are 8 colors of lamb-skin fleece. The leatherette covers come in 6 colors. The beds are treated to be stain resistant, anti-bacterial, and have anti-odor properties.

Mammoth Dog Beds give you so many sleeping options that you can pick a bed that fits your dog's needs perfectly. The beds are so affordable that you will be amazed. The incredible number of fabrics allows you to select a Mammoth Dog Bed that looks great with your decorating scheme. Your dog will have a bed of his own and you'll have a great looking addition to your home.

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