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Dogs Arthritis Pain Eased by Mammoth Dog Beds

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Our dogs are living longer these days and we need to think about how to make them comfortable as they age. Older dogs often get osteoarthritis, just as people do. Bigger dogs often suffer more pain because their weight puts so much stress on their joints. Dogs with arthritis may have difficulty getting up and down the way they did in their younger days. If your dog has been sleeping in your bed, he may not be able to jump up there anymore. He needs a new bed that's easier for him to get in and out. If he's been sleeping in the typical dog bed, it's probably not providing him with enough support. You love your dog and it hurts you to see him in pain. It's time to get an orthopedic Mammoth Dog Bed for him.

Mammoth Dog Beds offer outstanding orthopedic beds that are especially good for dogs with arthritis. The support to the dog's spine, hips and legs reduce the stress on his painful joints. The Mammoth Orthopedic Bed is made of high-memory foam. The foam, known as Visco-Elastic, uses NASA technology that was developed for the comfort of U.S. astronauts.

The special foam in a Mammoth Dog Bed is higher density and temperature sensitive. The foam reacts to your body temperature. It actually softens at the warmth of a body and cradles him. The foam also yields at the heaviest parts of the body such as the head and hips so that it evenly distributes the body weight. All of this reduces pressure on your dog's painful joints. When your dog rises, the bed returns to its original shape. Many people are discovering the comfort of the high-memory foam for their own beds. It makes perfect sense that dog lovers would want this comfort for their dogs, especially big dogs with arthritis.

The foam Mammoth Dog Bed is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. You should be aware that there are many inferior foams on the market and they do not match quality of the Visco-Elastic foam in the Mammoth Beds. One important thing to know is that the Mammoth Foam Beds don't use the hazardous chemicals that are found in some of the inferior products for sale.

You can get an orthopedic foam Mammoth Dog Bed for your arthritic dog in different sizes either with or without bolsters. If you have a crate for your dog, orthopedic foam mats are available in various sizes. If you are traveling with your dog in a crate, the foam mat will ease the pain of the bumps in the road.

You'll love the variety of fabrics available for your orthopedic dog bed. The covers come in washable denim, canvas, lamb-skin fleece, and leatherette. There are so many colors and styles that you're sure to find something that looks great in your home. The covers are treated with scotch-guard so that they're stain resistant.

When you get an orthopedic Mammoth Dog Bed for your arthritic dog, you are easing his suffering and giving him a good night's rest. When he sleeps on an orthopedic Mammoth Dog Bed, he'll wake up in the morning feeling so much better than before. You'll be amazed at how lively and happy he is again.

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