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Dog and Puppy Toilet Training

By Andrei C TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

People have all sorts of ideas on how to toilet train puppy once you get them home. The truth is even before you pick out your new pet you should have a plan in place on how to keep your dog or puppy from messing up your house. This is one of the most important aspects of dog ownership and has to be taken very seriously right from the very start. The old adage of it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks applies here. You want to get your dog into a routine almost the minute you get home.

The first step in your quest to toilet train puppy correctly is to set up a crate. Dogs love their crates, as they are a safe and comfortable place for the dog to hang out. The one thing that a dog or puppy doesn’t want to do is live smack dab in the middle of its own filth. That may surprise most people but it is true. The dog learns very quickly that if it goes to the bathroom in its own space, life is going to be very unpleasant. Here is a tip. Make sure to get a crate that is size specific to your breed of dog and keep the crate near your family as much as possible. At night take the crate into the bedroom if possible or at least as close to the bedroom as is feasible.

Using a crate to toilet train puppy makes the task so much easier. Once you have acclimated your new puppy to the crate, then it is a matter of routine. Learn your dog’s specific pleas when nature calls. It could be a special bark or maybe an action to tell you it is time to take Rover out to do his or her thing. That communication is key to house training a dog and repetition of a routine will help your dog understand the process better.

Pretty soon your efforts to toilet train puppy will pay off big time. Luckily, the toilet training process only has to be done once. If you follow this very simple advice, you will be able to speed along the process and pretty soon all you will have to do is enjoy your pet. Just remember to start toilet training immediately, do not let your new puppy or dog just go to the bathroom all over your clean house.

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