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Dog Potty Training - Potty Train Your Dog

By Andrei C TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

The best way to potty train a dog is to start out with a crate. Bringing home a new puppy is exciting but unless you are a little strange, potty training isn’t the most fun part about having a new pet. In fact, potty training is the hardest thing to do next to keeping your mutt from chewing on the sofa or jumping up on your great aunt Agnes. But, the nice thing about potty training is once it is done it is done. When it is over it is over and that is a very good day indeed.

The thing to remember when you potty train a dog is that you want the dog to understand how unpleasant it is for them to live too closely with his or her own waste. That is where the crating comes in handy. It is handy not just for potty training but also for housing your dog as well. Your dog will become so used to his or her crate that they will spend time in it even when you don’t expect them to. It becomes their own little space where they feel safe and comfortable.

When you potty train a dog you get them a crate that is proportionate to their size so you can make the pet understand that they do not want to go to the bathroom where they eat. If you have a larger crate, segment off a section for the dog to live in so they don’t have a lot of space to roam about. If they use one part for a bathroom and another for eating and sleeping they won’t get the point. Keep the crate in with your family like in the living room or a bedroom so your dog isn’t alone all the time.

A crucial part of how to potty train a dog is understanding your pet’s cues. Like how they act when they have to go and then act on them accordingly. This is another reason why you want your crate nearby so you can react quickly to your dog’s plea to go out. At night put the crate in your bedroom so you are aware of everything the dog is doing. Pretty soon you will have a system that the dog will take to on as its own. One key thing is to replicate your actions as much as possible. Happy potty training!

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