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Dog Coats: For Winter Comfort & Safety

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Dog coats can be useful items for some pets. If you live in a cold environment, a small dog or one that is bred to warm climates may need extra protection. There are several varieties available now. And not only are they different weights, but also appearances. You can even match your dog’s coat to your own. Do not discount dog coats as something only fashionistas would use!

The first thing to do when shopping for dog coats is to measure your dog. The length from front shoulder to the base of his tail is the initial measurement. Then measure around the belly, right at the bottom of the rib cage. Finally you should measure around the rib cage at the widest point, just behind the front legs. All these measurements need to be checked against the proper sizing chart for each brand or retailer of dog coats. Dog coats are the best pet supplies available now in the market.

The different weights and types of materials provide options for each weather pattern you face. There are cold weather fleece dog coats, rain coats and combinations of both. There are even reflective vests to make late night walks safer. You might find the “Black Walking Jacket Dog Coat” Pets at Home fit your style choices and the removable lining versatile. The “Hurtta Reflective Vest” is highly visible with large cross section, whereas the “Hurtta Winter Jacket” protects a dog’s belly well in deep snow. The colours of dog coats are varied and designs are individual. For instance, the “Puchi Dog Pac-a-mac” comes in camouflage, black, pink or red. Or alternatively, the “Danish Design Weatherproof Thermal Dog Coat” comes in three colours and a check design.

I seriously suggest that anyone who owns a dog in a cold climate, get that dog an appropriate dog coat. It keeps your pet warm, dry and happy. They can increase your pet’s safety and your own. You can even match your furry friend’s coat to your own.

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