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Do not Skimp on your Dog Bed

By Jenny Gregorich TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

Buying a quality bed for your dog is important for the dog’s comfort and often their health. While many will seek designer dog beds or luxury dog beds for small dog breeds, there are also cases such as selecting a quality orthopedic dog bed that is more than just fashion.

Dog beds are big business but should benefit your dog as well as your home. Large dog beds should be sturdy and able to support the size of dog you have. While many will work for a retriever it is quite another matter to select a large dog bed for a mastiff!

Small dog beds equally come in a variety of types from the bolster dog bed to the cushion. Look carefully at your dog’s preferences when considering dog beds. Some dogs have a distinct pattern they will circle then lay down, sleeping curled up in a ball. Other dogs sprawl out while still others simply lay down. Some dogs will even use a pillow.

The variety of styles make finding a dog bed for all types of dogs easier and the increase in choices mean more dogs are comfortable when they lay down to sleep. Our dogs can’t tell us when they aren’t comfortable but they can get up and pace restlessly, repositioning several times during the night. Most often a dog that is comfortable and on a good exercise and health regimen will sleep soundly and adapt to our schedule very well.

A good quality bed is an investment in your dog’s comfort as well as their health. This is especially true when selecting an orthopedic dog bed as a dog that has hip, joint or muscle soreness will be much more comfortable for much longer with a soft dry place to sleep.

Our dogs work in various capacities and sometimes that work is just putting up with our odd way of doing things. With advances in medicine many of our pets are living longer. A comfortable dog bed is a small price to pay for what they give us.

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