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Crate Training Puppies - Train Your Puppy

By Andrei C TEXT SIZE Minus Plus

At first glance the task of crate training puppies may seem daunting. It would appear to most people that the idea of keeping a puppy in a crate would seem kind of cruel. But, believe it or not puppies learn to love their crates as their own domain. Within no time they see the crate as their special home and you will find they love to spend time in it. Sometimes more time than you may even want them too. A lot of times if the crate is left open you will find your puppy going in for a little snooze or just to hang out.

There are some things to remember when you crate train a puppy. First, make sure you keep their crate in a location that is close to the family. Don’t put their crate in a garage or cellar. You want your puppy close to you so he will feel part of the family and safe and secure. Also, you want to make sure you are around in case the puppy is fussing over something or needs to go out. If it is convenient it is best to bring the crate into your bedroom at night.

When you crate train a puppy immediately upon bringing him or her home, you assure a great start to your pet’s life with you. Crate training makes potty training a lot easier too. The key to this is making sure you get a crate that is the right size for the puppy. If the crate is too big then the puppy doesn’t have any reason to learn that he doesn’t want to sleep where he goes to the bathroom. The principle is that a smaller crate will teach the dog that he doesn’t want to sleep where he eliminates his waste. This will really help matters when potty training.

It is important to realize that when you crate train a puppy, your work is not done. Crate training is not house training. It’s a start but it is not the whole deal. A lot of people have a hard time making that distinction. In his crate he is king, but in your home he is just the dog so you want to make sure he knows his boundaries. Remember to always use positive enforcement to train your puppy and never hit or berate him or her harshly.

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