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Austin Restaurants that Are a Dog Best Friend

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If you can’t go anywhere without your four-legged buddy, you probably have experienced not a few times with much difficulty getting a seat in a restaurant that’ll allow you to dine with your dog along with you. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of restaurants in Austin that are dog-friendly and will allow your pets to relax in the restaurant’s patios or other special nooks while you dine in comfort.

Some of these food places have several outlets and you will not have a hard time finding them. Amy’s Ice Cream for example has 9 locations scatterd in Austin, from Guadalupe to the Lake Austin Boulevard, from Burnet Road, and Mesa Drive, and at Round Rock along Highway 79. Other multi-outlet places that also allow you to check on your emails while dining, through their Wi-Fi facilities are Opal Divine’s and Grind Coffee. Opal Divine’s outlets are along 6th Street in the downtown area, South Congress to the South, and North Mopac to the North.

There also other single-outlet dog-friendly diners that offer regular Wi-Fi services like the Dog and Duck Pub on 17th Street, Dolce Vita on Duval Street, Club de Ville on Red River Street, Copa Cabana along Congress Avenue, the Crown and Anchor Pub on San Jacinto Boulevard and the Mangia Chicago Stuffed Pizza.

To the south, your dog-friendly restaurant map should take you to the Irie Bean Coffee Bar located in South Austin; note their ‘yappy hour’ at the patio area every last Friday of the month. On South Congress, there is the Hotel San Jose, where your best four-legged friend can also relax at the patio while you sample the hotel’s dinner fare. Then there on the South First is Freddie’s Place for great American dishes you can enjoy while your pet lounges along with you. For great ribs and a place to park your pet, there is Artz Rib House at number 2330 along South Lamar Boulevard.

Your touring of the city with your doggie best friend will be exhausting enough without you stopping by for a cup of coffee or two at Austin Java, along Barton Springs Road; their outlet at 1206 Parkway features Wi-fi, too. You go for a beer and grilled specialties and let your friend rest awhile as you sample BB Rover’s Pub and Grill on Research Boulevard. On Lamar Boulevard there is Central Market, a favorite hangout of dog lovers, too. Along Hancock Drive, at number 2105 is Billy’s on Burnet. If it’s pasta you want and a little cheese for your dog, try out Carmelo’s Italian Restaurant at 504 East 5th Street.

There are a lot of other dog-friendly restaurants in Austin, and they can be reached by any number of modes of land transport, whether you go by your car or take the public transport facilities. The Austin Cab Company is also there at your beck and call; they are just a whistle away. While dining and although these places are used to pets hanging around, be mindful also of your pet’s best behavior in public; it’s your responsibility to others and to your pet, too, to maintain that responsibility.

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