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Information On The Most Common Cat behaviors

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Cats make great pets but certain cat behavior can be quite annoying and hence you need to know how to control your cat’s strange mannerisms and impulses.

A common cat behavior is that of biting and scratching. Irrespective of the cat breed, most cats live to scratch. But sometimes your docile cat may start scratching especially if he is frightened or if he feels threatened at any time. Scratching comes naturally to all cats and is a defensive mechanism that can turn into a compulsive cat behavior. Sometimes, if by mistake you touch your cat in a sensitive area then he might scratch or bite you so that you don’t do it again. Kittens can bite and scratch as a part of playing or hunting, which is a natural behavior.

So you need to start by teaching your cat to enjoy the feeling of being petted and handled in such a way that he doesn’t feel threatened in any way or even irritated. You can start with cat behavior lessons only when you feel that your cat is in a relaxed mood. You can begin with handling your cat in such a way that he finds the entire exercise pleasurable. One of the things that your cat will most definitely love is a scratch behind the ears and you can even try stroking at the top of his head. Once your cat is used to the scratching and the stroking, you can take the strokes across his body. You can stroke his back, tail and down his hind legs as well. While stroking, ensure that you are using praises and talk to him in a reassuring tone and occasionally drop in a food treat. You need to work at a slow pace so that you are able to control cat behavior like scratching you or biting you back. Remember, that’s the only defense he has!

Practicing handling your cat on a regular basis will help you to identify the various sensitive spots that you cat has. The sensitive spots usually include paws, mouth, tail and ears. So when you are stroking any of these areas, you need to be extra cautious and keep rewarding him whenever you touch him on his sensitive spots. A reward is a must and should include his favorite food treats. Over a period, you should increase the time of contact and slowly your cat will develop toleration towards it.

When you are scratching your cat behind his ears, ensure that you are facing him. Always use your thumb to slowly and gently fold the back his ear for examining inside. Cats develop infections in their ears and it is also a breeding ground for insects and mites. While examining his mouth, you should continue scratching his ears using your thumb and then gradually as he is enjoying the moment, flip his upper lip up to expose his teeth.

It is extremely important to do things gradually. Unlike dogs, you can’t rush things with cats and hence if you want to have control over biting or scratching cat behavior then you need to be patient and follow the exercises on a regular basis.

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