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Easing the Transition of an Adopted Cat to a New Home

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Adopting a cat is a big decision. There are some things you need to be aware of when you are ready to bring your adopted cat home. They say cats don't need as much attention as dogs, but I have to disagree. You may not have to take your cat outside to go the bathroom, but a lot of preparation is needed to make sure your cat successfully makes the transition to becoming a member of your family. I have organized the top 5 things you need to know when bringing your cat home for the first time.

1. Your Cat Is Going to Be Scared: The first time I brought our cat home, she hissed at everyone. I found out that she was actually experiencing anxiety from being enclosed in a small cage at the animal shelter to my big 5 bedroom house. After 3 days our cat began to relax and enjoy exploring her new surroundings. She has not hissed since.

2. Give Your Cat Some Space: If your cat seems overwhelmed by it's new surroundings find one room in the house that you can keep him or her in. The room is bigger than the shelter's cage, but small enough that the cat won't become overly anxious. Then slowly let your cat out to explore more rooms until your cat is use to your whole house.

3. Teach Your Cat Where the Litter Box Is: It should only take 1-2 times to teach your cat where their litter box is. It is recommended that you place your cat in the litter box and move his or her paw against the litter so that the cat gets the idea. You will also want to show your cat where the water and food dishes are. If you cat doesn't go back to them after a few hours then pick your cat up and show them again. It shouldn't take long before your cat is acting like a pro.

4. Spend Some Time Bonding With Your Cat: A great way to bond with your new cat is to get a brush and spend some time brushing your cat's fur. Cats love this. Especially in the beginning you are going to also want to pet your cat every time they come over to you. That way they will associate you with something good and your bond will be sure to grow.

5. Don't Forget Some Cat Toys and Treats: Every cat needs some toys to play with. If you want to save money you can make some toys yourself. Scrunch up some aluminum foil in to a ball and your cat will love it. Tie a feather on the end of some yarn and pull it slowly across the room. Your cat will jump with joy as it tries to catch the feather. Store bought toys are fine too, but make sure you have some kind of toy so your cat can get some exercise and let out some of their energy.

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