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A Couple of Caution for Cat Owners

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Cats are curious and some love to chew on things, especially what they are not supposed to be chewing on. For this reason it is very important to cat proof your house. Part of cat proofing involves keeping electrical cords out of reach of your cat because they will invariably end up chewing on them. If it is not possible to have your cords shortened, there is another method that you can try to keep them from chewing on cords that have electrical current running through them.

Try coating the cord with some different mixtures such as cayenne pepper, hot sauce, nail biting polish, or orange peel. You can also try organizing your electrical cords into tubes such as wrapping paper in on. This will keep them out of reach from your cat and help keep them safe from any electrical jolts.

Climbing the Walls, Nope, Just the Curtains

Cats love to climb and explore, if you have curtains in your home when you get a cat you are just asking for disaster. This would definitely be a good time to consider switching to blinds. If you don't want to redecorate your house there are a few ways that you can make things a little safer for your cat. If you cat has a habit of climbing up the curtains, you might look into a rod that will fall when pressure is put on it, a few times of the curtains falling down might just scare your cat out of climbing them in the first place.

Also, you want to make if you have a cord on your curtains that your cat cannot end up choking themselves on this. If the cord is in a loop, you will need to cut it so that your cat doesn't get stuck and end up hanging themselves. Hopefully you can get your cat out of the habit of climbing your curtains before he ends up ruining them altogether.

Jumping on Kitchen Counters

It is simply not safe for your curious little cat to be jumping up on counters and tables while in the kitchen. Not to mention that it is entirely unsanitary as well for them to go from doing their duty in their litter box and then walking around on the counters that you prepare your food on. In all, it is not a good idea for you or your cat. You really don't want your cat to become accustomed to jumping up in the kitchen because eventually they are going to jump up onto a hot stove and seriously injure themselves.

There are different ways you can go about training your cat that the kitchen is an off limits area for jumping and exploring. The first method is to simply pick them up whenever they jump onto a kitchen counter top or table and tell them No! In a firm voice, and then to put them back onto the floor. Another idea is to stack items that can not necessarily hurt your cat, but will make a loud noise near the edge of the counter so they will fall down and frighten your cat when the jump up.

If neither of these ideas work, you can always resort to using the spray bottle of water, but try these first before you resort to more drastic means. Just remember that you are looking out for both the safety and health of your cat as well as yourself.

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