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Which Is the Best Cat Food

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The domestic cat, which is named that way in order to be distinguished from other felines, is a carnivorous species, quite small in size. Humans often prefer cats for companionship, but at the same time for their ability to hunt rats and other vermin.

Cats are very useful in hunting down pests like the ones mentioned afore, because they are intelligent. When hunting a cat ambushes its prey, just like other felines, for example tigers and leopards. After that a lethal bite on the neck is delivered to the hunted, killing them instantly. This is because the spinal cord is crushed, massive bleeding is caused by puncturing the jugular vein or the carotid artery.

If you want to care for your cat and not let it hunt down all of its food, you can purchase cat food. Their diet is mainly based on meat. Even so, most of the commercial cat food we find today has animal, as well as plant material in it. Apart from those, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients can be found in the composition of it.

The formula on which cat food is based addresses mainly the need of cats. For example, if you mix the food you use to feed your dog and feed it to your feline companion, the cat will go blind. This is mainly due to the lack of amino acid taurine, a substance which the dogs do not require, but without which the cats cannot function properly. Thus you should be very careful what you use to feed your cat.

There are several types of cat food available on the market. The most comprising categories would be wet and dry food. Dog food is also separated in these categories, but there are a few differences, and not only in what materials had they used to make it.

First of all there are two methods used to obtain dry dog food. Feline dry food making uses only one process – extrusion. After that, the pellets obtained can be sprayed with lots of other ingredients, so the final products will be healthier and more appetizing for the cats.

Wet food is recommended by many veterinarians because of the high level of water contained in it. It is useful for solving a lot of problems, but there are some downsides to it. First of all, the prices of wet food are much higher than the ones for dry food. From another point of view, dry food can be left in the bowl for the cat to eat whenever it likes, whereas wet food spoils after a few hours.

Choosing the appropriate cat food for your companion is not an easy task. You should always consult a veterinarian before feeding anything to your cat or you should do a little research online. If you want more information about this topic, you should visit

We mentioned earlier about another pet which is also known as men’s best friend. Yes, I’m talking about the dog. What are the most important aspects concerning dog health? As with human health, dog health is always best attended if harmful acts are prevented.

What should you do? Dog health enjoys a lot more solutions than human health because most diseases your dog may suffer from can be treated either with medications or with surgery and physical therapy. However, dog health is always best preserved with a successful diet and a lot of care from the owners.

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If you have cats and dogs as pets, consulting with a veterinarian is always a good choice. Researching online tips on cat and dog health presents another solution. The thing you should start with is always recommended to be either dog or cat food diet.

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