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How to decorate a Parrot cages - Part 1

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The best dimensions for parrot cages are about 40 x 40 x 60 cm and the best shape is rectangular. They will prevent birds from turning disease and twisting of the head because of the lack of orientation within the wire circle. Parrot cages have four bent walls and come together at the top.

If you often take out your parrot, it will need not very big parrot cage. When you visit friends or simply when you are traveling with your bird, parrot cages should fit into the vehicle. It is optimal to have both small travel cage and a large room cage. Parrot could climb around more easily if cage wires runs horizontally.

In general the parrot cages are equipped with too smooth perches with no variety of diameters for the bird's foot. You should roughen up them with a file or rasp and make them thinner in several spots. Put two or three perches in parallel lines, not crosswise them to avoid droppings of falling on the lower perch. The top perch should allow the bird to be in an upright position at least 1 cm from the roof and its tail feathers should not touch the wire in bending forward. Also birds like sitting on the upper perch when they sleep because they feel more secure. Even if the space under the parrot cage roof is not enough, the bird will sit up, but in a bent position. On the other hand, too large space means that the interior of the parrot cages is not proper used. Birds use the lower perch to reach the food which is usually located lower than the door.Outside there is another perch which extends out beyond one side.It is on top of the parrot cages. The parrot requires space for its tail feathers When it sits on the end of this perch, its droppings will not fall into the dishes or on the cage wires.

Fasten dishes for parrots carefully to prevent squeezing through the opening. You should not allow bird to push them out from the inside. Use a fastening device to close off the resultant openings. If you want to equip the parrot cages with automatic food dispensers, fasten them with a clamp to the wires above the dish. The fastening procedure can be demonstrated during purchasing the food dispenser for the parrot cages. Install the openings for the dishes not below the door opening.According to R. Low the food dispensers are not for real bird lovers who care for the parrots and feed them daily. Also the food supply can block up in the neck and the parrots can not reach the food .It is possible that an unappetizing layer of dust to be formed on the bottom of the dish. Furthermore the contents can be spilled all over the floor when the birds hang on the outside of the parrot cages. In general,the typical commercial dispensers can be pushed away easily by the birds ,so use them in parrot cages not for a long period.

If you exert a force to open the door then it is closed in proper way. Doors, open downward are better because they are less dangerous for injuring parrots .To prevent birds from hitting by droppings, use natural branch fastened to the top on the proper side of parrot cages. If the door has hinges on the side, be careful for protruding wire ends to be bent away with pliers. Fasten those doors that are hinged at the top or pulled up, to be kept open against bird locking itself out. The better is the following: The front of the parrot cages is hinged as a door with additional small door. In that way the bird is able fly directly to its perch.This helps also when you have a recalcitrant bird to be put back into the parrot cage if there is a wide opening. In the beginning of taming process you can fasten an entrance perch in parrot cages in the door opening to facilitate the bird's getting in and out, this will be an advantage.

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